Questions & Answers about the NFTGA

Anticipated questions, and those posted on social media.


Why use "tourist guide" as opposed to "tour guide"?

 The World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA) is using "tourist" guide to denote the individuals' involved in guiding.

A "tour" guide is a book! 


What are guides and industry saying about the NFTGA?

"The CTGA exco believe that a national body representing all registered tourist guides in the industry to be an imperative towards which every organisation should aim. It is important that the guides in all provinces be represented equitably with each voice as important as the other. Due consideration should be given to the independent nature of guiding, while clear structures should be put in place for all guides to be heard. The need for a unified voice amongst guides and guide associations is our goal. We support clear structures that would move the guiding industry forward in a unified and disciplined manner, while affording our stakeholders a clear and definite body with which to communicate at local, provincial and national levels." Jeremy Energy Howard (Tourist Guide / Vice chair of CTGA).

"Agreed Jeremy Energy Howard. With proper and consulted structures, the industry for tourist guides will benefit as it should nature of guiding, while clear structures should be put in place for all guides to be heard. " Dion Fabe (Tourist Guide /Chair of CTGA).

"This sounds very encouraging and obviously much hard work and thought has gone into it. I personally look forward to seeing how this could benefit all guides in South Africa that we could all be more effective in showing guests what our amazing country has to offer. Well done to all involved and all the best to steering committee in particular in forging ahead ?" Ray Haakonsen (Tourist Guide)

"Awesome guys, a long time in coming. I mean this a positive way! Please remember some watch words : transparency as much as possible to be effective; inclusiveness especially of the formerly disadvantaged in RSA; and accountability. Public office carries an awesome responsibility that one does not become self serving!" Ted Weber (Tourist Guide)

"It is an honor to serve on this Committee! I look forward to when required! ??" Julien Paul Gregory Janssen (Cullinan Holdings)

"I am happy that there are more platform created for guides to interact and improve our situations. Good luck everyone." Damien Laine (Tourist Guide)

"Congratulations to those chosen onto the steering committee. I’m a language guide and have never had a problem with the previous committee, if I’d had a query I’d contact Zania and I’d have my answer soonest! ?" Erica Buekes (Tourist Guide)

"A Big Thank you! !!! I've been there since the beginning of this Dream. So happy I can now be part of it ?." Evie Daniel Peristeris (Tourist Guide)

"Good luck - it seems a big ask to get this right. Hope you are all able to pull in the same direction." Ian Wallace (Tourist Guide)

"Most of us are very positive with this new venture" Heidi Lehodey (Tourist Guide)

"I agree with the idea of the steering committee and it should've been done a long time ago! I just wanted to find out how it was chosen as I believe that there is a few key areas of the industry that could've also been represented(and I'm not talking about the language side)." Machiel Breedt (Tourist Guide)

"Something great you started there just please don't just concentrate on the big Operators, they are important but it's the smaller niche market operators that generally make the difference in travel because of their non corporate individual approach to tourism" Stefan Bause (Tourist Guide)

"To all our colleagues please let us look at the positive lets give the group a chance to make a difference - Stop dishing and complaining about things beforehand. I know the representatives and they are some of the best in the industry I have all the faith in them. Give them a chance." Steve Touring Menzies (Tourist Guide)

" I wish you guys/ guides luck Was chairman of FENATA in Namibia for 5 years, know all about the battles." Klaus Dau (Tourist Guide)

"Well done you are amazing!!!!." Dawid Rossouw (Tourist Guide)

"Thank you very much for all of your combined efforts to make this possible. I am honoured to be a member." Dawid Rossouw (Tourist Guide)

"Great work. Glad to be aboard!" Anne Lawrance (Tourist Guide)

"Thank you, It is an honour to be a member." Tony Molyneaux (Tourist Guide)

"It’s becoming easier to understand." Brian Ritchie (Tourist Guide)

"I am all for this cause. You have the necessary role players and decision makers all lined up to to much good here, something that many of the other 'associations' have not managed to do. The issue I see, is the massive task of first separating the mud from the water before anything will start flowing. I respect what you are trying to achieve with this but do not envy you in the least. Should you manage to pull this off, I'll buy you a Bells sir, and the tannie a Rooibos." Steve Sara (Tourist Guide)

"Firstly, I think the peeps behind this are demonstrating a huge commitment, which is vitally important. I think that they - perhaps with some input from the rest of us - have a good chance of evading the kind of icebergs that got in the way of the Titanic. Anyway, before you can sink the Titanic, you have to build it and launch it :) Carry on, Mr and Mrs Collin. Steady as she goes!" Ron Mcgregor (Tourist Guide)