Cathsseta historic learners initiative - limited opportunity!!!

Cathsseta is launching an initiative to assist with the certification of learners who have been assessed and achieved prior to March 2017 but were never uploaded on the system. Thus, Cathsseta is unable to proceed with certification.Training provider should follow the instructions below to capture their historic learners and ensure that they receive certification. Deadline is 10 March 2019.

Communication about the project

Dear Training Provider

Please find attached a letter addressed to you as well as spreadsheet 1. After our meeting we realised that the spreadsheet we presented was too cumbersome. The system developers suggested that we divide the process into two (2) stages;

Stage 1: 
Uploading the person details. This will be done internally.

Stage 2
Uploading and linking the learner to the programme, this will be on a different spreadsheet. You will need to copy the ID number from the 1st spreadsheet and indicate the programme details. There will be a spreadsheet per programme i.e. Qualification, Learnership, unit standard. You will capture the learner details on the one applicable to you. After receipt of the spreadsheet 2 we will log a call for the developers to upload and achieve the learners.

I hope this will make your lives slightly easier. The email address to send the info to is Regards

Dimpho Phungwayo
ETQA Manager (Cathsseta)

Documents to download

bookmark_border Template to complete (this is for Providers to complete and to be forwarded to Cathsseta)