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The Constitution

The NFTGA Steering committee has adopted the Constitution.

Meeting with the WFTGA

The NFTGA Steering committee will be meeting with the President of the WFTGA in March.

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Table Mountain National Park and minimum bus charge

As of 25th January 2019 the Table Mountain National Park has removed the minimum bus charge from the parks tariff sheet. Read more...

SANParks and Guides

A guide has recently been fined and then banned for life due to an issue with payment and not obtaining a permit upon entering the park. Successful intervention resulted in the guide only receiving a warning.

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Operator permit: tracking assistance for non-members

SATSA is offering TRACKING assistance to non-members regarding Operator Permit issues. In the interim, SATSA will keep pushing the operating permit issue as they have both NDT and TBCSA backing the industry, and hopefully there will be some forward movement soon. Read more ...

SATSA talks with the NPRT

SATSA's ongoing struggle with the National Public Transport Regulator (NPTR) with regards to Operating Licences is gaining impetus. Read more...

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Good news for guides with outstanding certificates!

Cathsseta has announced the following initiatives to assist with the issuing of certificates that have been outstanding for a long time: Read more...

Cathsseta Certification process

Guide Training Providers, NDT and Cathsseta have discussed the issues of delayed certification and the new requirements to enter the learner in the system and request certification. Read more...

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Rented vehicle impounded - fine in guide's name

06 February 2019 - Karin Muecke shared the following on Facebook:
"For any Operators asking the guides to drive a normal rental vehicle without operating license: a colleague got pulled over today with 6 pax, vehicle was impounded, R 10000 fine! Agents said they will pay but the fine is in the guide's name. So the moral of the story is - refuse to do the tour if there is no operating license".  Click for comments on this post

Open letter to Minister Hanekom

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Posted by Boris Mohr‎ to Tour guides and tour operators in south africa 8 January at 08:02

Honorable Minister Hanekom,

I have a serious problem with tourism in South Africa. I am a small tour operator and national registered tourist guide and have been trying to register one of my busses with the NPTR since September 2018 and today still don't have an operating license. Everything like insurance, passenger liability, operators card and vehicle registration is in place and I have started 2019 with this bus operating a tour. I fail to understand that a process can take 4 months and more to complete. It is killing me and I have plenty of work to also create jobs but no, the DoT is standing in the way and prohibiting the growing of small businesses in the tourism industry. I am not able to purchase a bus and let it stand under the tree for four months until the DoT decides to issue the documents. I am not a criminal, I just want to run a business and create work, even if it is on a small scale but this is ridiculous. To register as a tour operator in Namibia it took three weeks, why is it so complicated in SA? It's killing the business and me. Can there not be a change in so far to issue a temporary license until all the paper work is done. I certainly get the impression that SA does not want entrepreneurs to even exist never mind flourish.

Please look into this matter urgently. All the best for 2019 and
Kind regards Boris Mohr
BoMo Tours