About the NFTGA

The Federation aims primarily to represent all tourist guides, and to champion their causes within the greater tourism industry.

In order to do this effectively and within the legal framework, tour operators, guide trainers, specialists and various guide associations, industry bodies such as SATSA, and parastatals such as SANPARKS, have been brought onboard as members of the steering committee.

Membership fees

Full membership with voting rights is limited to registered tourist guides with a current guide ID. 

We consider the lockdown situation as having a financial burden on our members and therefor no membership fees will be applicable for the remainder of 2020.


labelTo promote and maintain, among members of the NFTGA, the highest standards of professionalism. To this end, the NFTGA shall publish and promote a code of ethics for the conduct of all members. 

labelTo organise and/or arrange educational courses, lectures, workshops and excursions for the Continued Professional Development (CPD) of members, through accredited training providers and to distribute pertinent information to members via electronic media. electronic media.

labelTo establish a voluntary mentorship programme (Mentorship sub-committee) where experienced guides will be available to assist in the career development of trainee and aspirant tourist guides and will thus support and contribute to transformation in the industry, and the maintenance of growth and employment opportunities in the tourist guiding sector.

labelTo establish a voluntary upliftment and transformation programme (Transformation sub-committee) where enthusiastic guides will encourage site communities and the youth, to become tourist guides, and in so doing, to access employment opportunities in the tourism industry. 

labelTo take appropriate measures to promote, support or oppose tourism industry related legislative issues that impact on the member’s interests.

labelTo provide limited guidance and support with respect to tourism industry related legal issues between tourist guides and tour operators.

labelTo protect, promote and develop the general interest of its members in dealings with government departments, parastatals, authorities, operators, agents, and the public.

labelTo seek cooperation with industry bodies having similar interests. 

labelTo establish suitable agreements with affiliated industry bodies, in order to offer tourism related member benefits such as coordinated safety warnings and post-incident trauma counselling.

labelTo set up a voluntary informal activities programme (Social sub-committees) whose aims it will be to:
1) promote goodwill and team spirit amongst tourist guides by arranging outings and fun events, and
2) activate opportunities for social upliftment through involvement with communities and youth awareness programmes, in cooperation with the Transformation sub-committee.

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