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This Guide Funding Questionnaire
This has been set up to collect data pertaining to verified income from guiding activities, as a means of motivating for government funding to assist tourist guides in distress.


The Department of Small Business Development  


National Federation of Tourist Guides & Affiliates
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About the NFTGA

The Federation aims primarily to represent all tourist guides, and to champion their causes within the greater tourism industry.

In order to do this effectively and within the legal framework, tour operators, guide trainers, specialists and various guide associations, industry bodies such as SATSA, and parastatals such as SANPARKS, have been brought onboard as members of the steering committee.

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Steering committee

The current steering committee has been chosen to promote the stated aims of the NFTGA, and to assist in setting up the Federation, while promoting collaboration between the various sectors of the greater Tourism SA family.

Various industry role-players were selected to create an inclusive body that represents the broader guiding community (the members), while ensuring that dialogue is open and transparent to government, guide associations, tour operators, industry associations, accredited guide training service providers and other interested parties that will be invited to join as affiliates.

Sample media

"Now it’s time to move forward and get the guide’s role onto the map as a recognised and valuable contributor to the success of our tourism industry". Francois Collin, November 2018.